VESTA HOUSE takes 3 times less time to build than a typical house. House design and construction process requires a lot of time, effort and nerves while choosing architects, engineers, contractors and suppliers, clarifying needs and communicating with the architect, managing construction tasks, searching for information about building and its nuances, etc. Normally, it takes about 24-30 months. With VESTA HOUSE you can move in after 6-8 months from the date of signing the contract.
Saving the client money (10-30% compared with traditional home design and construction):

  • Product standardisation guarantees that construction will progress as planned, according to estimates and deadlines set.
  • The risk of defects is greatly reduced because all building services are provided from a single source.
  • More than 80% lower energy bills compared to conventional (C energy class) houses.

Full service, everything in one place to build your home, from design to fully-finished home with decoration. By purchasing our product a customer receives all necessary architectural, engineering and construction services required to build the home, meanwhile devoting own time to family and work.
All parts and systems of VESTA HOUSE are built according to technical projects prepared by professional engineers. Each contractor is a leader in its field with more than 10 years of experience. Major part of the house is manufactured off-site under factory-controlled conditions, where production control and inspection is exercised by established German specialists. Our panel house elements are labelled with RAL quality mark for timber construction.
Durable homes with long-term added value. Observing global trends and leading western practices in construction, we can clearly see that homes designed and built according to proven sustainability principles have about 20% more value compared to conventional houses, which comply only with minimal requirements of national building regulations. People notice these obvious benefits received. Therefore, they do now and they will prefer sustainable homes in the future.
Sustainable homes create a clean and healthy environment both inside and outside the house. Studies prove that people in such environment are healthier, more productive and creative. A family then can enjoy a pleasant and quality life.
The entire design and construction process is insured with civil liability and construction works (CAR – construction all risk insurance) insurances as well as Performance and Responsibility guarantees. This in turn ensures customer satisfaction and peace of mind.